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Ronix Potbelly Cruiser (2019)

Online Catalogue | Wakeboarding | Wakesurfers |  Ronix Potbelly Cruiser (2019)

Ronix Potbelly Cruiser (2019) - Naked Tech

Ronix Potbelly Cruiser (2019) - Naked Tech

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The 2nd gear alternative to the wide open Potbelly Rocket. There is no doubt that there is a trend going towards thicker boards – this means more momentum for the surfer, and allows you to ride with a shorter board. Typically these styles of boards go from a thick tail and gradually get thinner as you get to the nose. With the Potbelly series the thickest part is in the center (like a pig – see what we did there) so you still have a ton of speed – but this series allows the tip of the board to ride higher on the water like a ocean surf board. This particular Cruiser model does everything at a smoother, mellower longboard style pace. Made with our minimalist naked construction featuring a stronger poured urethane rail design.
We have used all of the “major” fin systems - and in our honest opinion nothing comes close to Fin-S. Naked Less is more. These cores are designed with a minimalist approach, keeping the purest form of surf in mind.

The first of it’s kind with more volume in the center of the board giving the surfer more push down the line of the wave with the stability/sweet spot of a long board.

Lava Resin
A high temperature resin used on all of our surfers, built to withstand mother nature’s extreme heat.

Blended Rail
Accelerated turns combined with a Sunday afternoon cruise rail design.

Machined EVA concave back pad with arch support and extra tall tail kick
Silicone front pad for more overall board control and feel
Ronix exclusive tool-less Fin-S 2 system
Injected Fiberglass Epoxy Constructed Fins
2 – 4.0” Asymmetric Fins and 1 – 3.5” Molded Symmetric Fin
Handmade by Robots
Compression Molded
Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin
Air Vents inserted in the EVA pads

Online Catalogue | Wakeboarding | Wakesurfers |  Ronix Potbelly Cruiser (2019)

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