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RoHo Commercial Membrane Drysuit

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Knee and Foot
RoHo Commercial Membrane Drysuit

RoHo Commercial Membrane Drysuit

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The Commerical is Robin Hood's workhorse budget membrane drysuit. RoHo has been manufacturing drysuits since 1981 and we know what works and so does our fabric supplier. This suit is made from 'high tenacity' nylon with an impressive 140gm outer, more than adequate 65gm inner and bonded together with 140gm Butyl laminate. It also boasts a tensile strength of 1500N and a tear strength of 150N warp and weft. This may not mean much to some, but it's more than enough to get British standards seal of approval BS127 No.9 and BS127 No.5

Even though RoHo has been in business for over 30 years, a company is only as good as its team and RoHo's production team have amassed a huge amount of experience over the years. With this knowledge we can normally build to customers specific needs and make completely bespoke suits whilst still being able to produce the suits MADE TO MEASURE at NO extra cost whatsoever. It doesn't only have to be used for diving. Some of our regular customers are organisation like the RSPCA and various fire brigades where we'll even fit steel toe and mid soled boots which have been tested in accordance with EN ISO 20345: 2004 S5. So no matter what environment you're working in we're confident we can produce a suit that meets or even surpasses your requirements. Another great attribute to the Nylon we use is its easy clean surface, so if the work you're doing is particularly messy, you know with just a quick hose down your suit is clean agin and ready for its next task.

To achieve the best possible fit whilst being able to make the Commercial as a MADE TO MEASURE we make the suit using only five panels. This way we keep the seams to a minimum, so there's less likelihood of any leakage. All seams are triple bonded on both overlapped sides and then nylon taped on the outer, triple bonded yet again. We do not use sewing machines to produce our drysuits, so no needle holes to patch up. To produce the Commercial at a budget price we keep the spec to a minimum, so this way you have a no frills type drysuit but still have the best in fabrics and superior build quality. However, we still have a range of add-ons listed under extras if you wish, or you can create your own spec to suit. We fit a 4mm neoprene lined heavily rubber dipped boot as standard but offer latex socks as an alternative or the before mentioned safety boot. Above where the boots are joined we also triple bond and tape the kneepad which is made from the same fabric as the suit. We use BDM dry zips in all our drysuits and fit them across the shoulder as standard. Front entry or a heavy duty zip is also an option. If the suit is for scuba diving we will fit Apeks valves with a swivel inflator, hose and cuff dump as standard or an automatic shoulder dump as an option. We also fit latex wrist and neck seals as standard with a multitude of sizes and style, or neoprene can be fitted if so desired.
Made in the UK since 1981
Made from high tenacity nylon
5 panel construction
Various colour options
4mm neoprene lined boots
Double thickness high tenacity nylon knee pads
Latex seals (neoprene option available)
Apeks valves (if for diving)
BDM dry zip
Triple bonded and taped seams

Triple glued and taped to ensure water integrity (no needle holes).
Hard soled neoprene lined
BDM 8 pitch zip (YKK)
Choice of Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow
Options at no extra cost
Latex socks, heavy duty seals, neoprene seals

Apeks swivel inflator
Fitted as standard
Apeks inflator hose
Fitted as standard
Apeks cuff dump
Fitted as standard
Apeks adjustable dump
Front zip
Convenience zip
Expanding bellows pocket with fitted 'D' Ring and velcro closure
Expanding bellows pocket with fitted 'D' Ring and zip closure
Neck warmer/protector
Wrist warmer/protector
Zip protector
Steel toe mid sole boots
All these extras can be added to your drysuit during manufacture. Please call us on 01924 444888 if you have any other specific requirements.

Made to measure service is available on all RoHo dry suits at no extra charge.
All these suits are bare suits only.

Made to measure RoHo Drysuit
Chioce of Undersuit - Thinsulate or Thermocline
Inlet valve and hose
Auto cuff dump
Carry Bag

RoHo suits are hand made in Britain

Extras for Commercial Drysuit

Extras for Commercial Drysuit

None 0.00
Apeks Adjustable Dump 30.00
Front Zip 45.00
Convenience Zip 70.00
Pockets with velcro closure 30.00
Pockets with zip closure 30.00
Neck warmer/protector 25.00
Wrist warmer/protector 25.00
Zip protector 25.00
Braces 25.00
Steel toe mid sole boots 45.00

Online Catalogue | Wetsuits, Drysuits & Accs | Dive Drysuits |  RoHo Commercial Membrane Drysuit

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