We surfed the net to gather the best and most versatile wakesurf and wake skimboards the world has to offer.
Explore our full range of boards including big brands like Hyperlite and Ronix wakesurf boards.

The sport of wakesurfing has exploded in recent years,especially on speed restricted waters such as Windermere. It relies on slow boat speeds to increase drag, with boat ballast and tab systems further improving the wave quality. Boards can be easily subdivided into skim and surf style. The former is more skate style and involves rotational and pop tricks. Boards are lower volume and almost symmetrical in shape, using minimal base channeling and small fins to reduce grip. In contrast, wakesurf style boards are fast and hard charging. The result is big powerful turns on the wave and the potential to go aerial off the shoulder.

Want a more in depth explanation and board recommendation for your group? Just get in touch; we love to talk all things surf.

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