Venture Jura Connect Skudder kayak

From £1,395.00


Choose This Kayak For:

  • Smoothing the learning curve and enjoying learning to sea kayak in confidence.
  • Advancing from a touring kayak to something just as stable but with a sea kayaking focus.
  • A sea kayak with more room to stretch than a traditional design.

A highly capable sea kayak with superb stability, versatile gear storage options, full deck lines and bungees, a large cockpit, and plenty of room to stretch your legs as you take on longer journeys.

Whether you're progressing into sea kayaking from adventure touring, or being introduced straight to the sea, the Jura will look after you during your first paddle strokes, yet has all the performance and features you'll need to continue well beyond this.

Jura MV available in MZ3 and TriLite construction, TriLite increases hull stiffness and reduces weight, enhancing the performance of our leading hull designs for a more responsive kayak.

Size MV HV
Length 490cm 491cm
Width 56cm 59cm
Weight (MZ3) 26kg 27.5kg
Weight (TriLite) 25kg 26.5kg
Max Paddler Weight 110kg 124kg
Deck Size XL XL



Adjustable ratchet backrest and padded seat, tried and tested in our top-end Pyranha and P&H Custom Sea Kayaks, offering proven performance without compromise on comfort.

Padded Seat

Simple, solid and highly ergonomic seat with trim adjustment.

Thigh Grips

Padded, lightweight thigh grips with front/back adjustment.

Ratchet Backband

Padded backband with ratchet adjustable support that's quick and easy to operate from the kayak.