Tushingham X15 7.0m | USED



The Tushingham x15 is a brilliant speed slalom sail which is super user friendly to use and unlike most cammed sails it's a dream to rig. 

The sail has had a fair amount of use as you'd expect from a sail of this age. Overall the condition is 6/10 and does have some creasing in the sail. Please don't hesitate to ask for anymore pictures or request any further information.

The X-15 is Tushingham’s dedicated speed and slalom sail range that’s featured in the line-up for a number of seasons and benefited from constant developments year-on-year. 

The X-15 is a very competitive speed and slalom race sail that delivers extremely easily accessible top performance to all riders. It is one of the easiest sails to use – which for many will directly translate into faster reaches. Suitable for all levels of racers and freeriders hungry for some extra speed and power.