Thermalution Yellow Grade 2.0

From £900.00


Thermalution Yellow Grade series s the first power heated undersuit to endorse the ground breaking heating technology with a wireless control system.

They are advanced models for longer, deeper dives. The innovation on Yellow Grade 2.0 is from feedback and demand of Thermalution users to meet divers needs & desire.

1) Flexible Movement
Adjustable battery Pockets make movement more comfortable.

2) More Comfortable
1.0mm Neoprene with velcro plush makes no press on sides.

3) Barrier Free
Thinner & Lighter batteries make movement more accessible. Same heating hours (as Yellow Plus) but smaller batteries.

4) Easy Take Off
With Zipper makes more space to take Thermalution undersuit off.

Depth Rating: 100m
Duration: approx 180-240mins

Other Features:
3 level temperature settings
Temperature micro control
Wireless charging of remote control

Yelow Plus 2.0 Size Chart

XS - 30.3" to 33" (77 to 84cm)
S - 33.5" to 35.8" (85 to 91cm)
M - 36" to 39" (92 to 99cm)
L - 39.4" to 42" (100 to 107cm)
XL - 42.5" to 44.5" (108 to 113cm)
2XL - 44.9" to 49" (114 to 125cm)