Scubapro T-Flex Mens L/Sleeve

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Scubapro T-Flex Mens L/Sleeve

Featuring the Best UV Protection Rating in the Industry


Headlining SCUBAPRO's new UPF Collection of rash guards, steamers and leggings, T-FLEX long sleeve rash guards feature a fashion-forward design while providing the ultimate in comfort and protection before, after and during the dive.

Engineered for performance and designed to make a statement, the T-FLEX long sleeve rash guard makes donning a wetsuit oh-so-easy when worn as an under-layer. When worn by itself it protects against stings and abrasion, and when worn on the surface it provides a level of UV protection unmatched in the industry.

T-FLEX long sleeve rash guards stand up to the elements, and they stand out anywhere. Made with a blend of super-soft nylon and high-stretch spandex for maximum comfort and stretch, they are designed to form-fit to the body, are ultra-comfortable, and provide soft hand feel.

But where T-FLEX long sleeve rash guards really stand out is with their unbeatable UV protection. These rash guards hold a UPF 80 rating awarded by UV Standard 801, the only UV certifying standard that tests fabric in real conditions of use - wet and stressed. So earning a UV Standard 801 UPF 80 tag means T-FLEX long sleeve rash guards lead in providing protection against the effects of the sun - this is the highest UV protection rating available in the industry.

When it comes to protection from the elements, SCUBAPRO's UPF Collection has you covered, and T-FLEX long sleeve rash guards are at the forefront of this exciting new line of dive wear. SCUBAPRO divers expect the best. That's why the UPF Collection is tailored for higher expectations; with the long-lasting performance you trust, and details that demand attention.

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Technical Information
Rated UPF 80 by UV Standard 801 - the highest UV protection rating available in the industry.
Made from a blend of 86% super-soft nylon and 14% high-stretch spandex.
Maximum comfort - maximum stretch.
Form-fitting for that sleek hydrodynamic look and feel.
Highly versatile - ideal for divers, snorkelers, paddle boarders, swimmers and other water enthusiasts.
Flattering color panels and cut.
High neck line to prevent chafing.
Available in 3 colors. Sizes: 5 (S-2XL).

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Nylon/Spandex is the Best!

A nylon/spandex blend is considered the hands-down best material combination for dive wear.

The nylon is lightweight, easy to care for and dries quickly.
The spandex provides more fabric stretch and allows for comfort and form-fitting styling.
Nylon/spandex blends offer enhanced hand feel and moisture control along with xceptional strength and abrasion resistance.

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Going Above & Beyond

SCUBAPRO's new T-FLEX long sleeve rash guards take UV protection to the next level.

T-FLEX long sleeve rash guards have been tested using the UV Standard 801 which tests fabrics in their "worst-case" scenario. In other words, in real world conditions of use - wet and stretched -- two stress factors that can adversely affect a fabric's protective qualities.

Garments that pass these stringent tests are labelled with a coveted UV Standard 801 UPF 80 tag, assuring users of the ultimate in quality and UV protection. This means, wet or dry, you have the peace of mind knowing you're fully protected.