Radar Katana Waterski 2019

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The Katana is an open water skiers dream with its low drag and easy turning characteristics.  Rip this bad boy between 24-32 MPH for the best open water ski you can get!



The Bent Vee series has revolutionized open water skiing. Width under foot allows these skis to pop out of the water with ease. This width, combined with a flat channel and grip rails, allows a ski with more surface area to perform at an advanced level. Inside radius gives the ski the ability to make tight turns on both on and offside while the 100% carbon build is nimble on the water.


Our Bent Vee collection will make you rethink what is possible from a higher volume ski Level Spine Bent Vee skis have a flat spine directly down the center of the ski. This allows water to flow cleanly down the center. reducing drag and making it possible to make endless turns without tiring out. Flat Spot Bent Vee skis sport an oversized flat spot which allow the skis to auto-level. Skiers of any ability level can hop on a Bent Vee ski and feel instantly at home due to its balance on the water.


Inside Radius The inside radius built into the skis give them the ability to turn naturally and level on both sides. This unique characteristic has been the defining difference that gives skiers ultimate freedom when making turns up and down the lake.


Grip Rails Purpose built multi-level rails allow the ski to maintain its edge while cutting. Grip Rails make holding your edge through the wakes a breeze and allow a skier to gain confidence in wake crossings instantly.