Quatro Tetra Pro 2017

From £928.00 44% SAVING! Standard Price £1,649.00


A super versatile all round freestyle wave board from Quatro windsurfing, using a thruster fin configuration and available at an unbeatable price.

Keith Teboul: “The Tetra is a universal Freewave board. The fastest and most comprehensive board in our current line. It offers a smooth entry with minimal tail rocker for super early planing.

In its own right, the Tetra is an amazingly playfully turning board. All volumes feature a vee bottom with double concave running through the belly of the board for a smooth, stable and agile ride. Sticking to our newer concept of putting the sailor further back on the board and adjusting the tail rockers accordingly, we have created a board that is fast to plane yet easy to turn because of its stance positioning. This is the go to board for blasting around and smoking your friends.”