Quatro Nano Pro Youth Thruster/Quad - 2019

From £999.00


The new Nano Pro is based on Keith Teboul’s work with Jeffery and Finn Spencer on Maui. They are young riders who have very different needs, like so many kids getting into the Sup world for the first time.

Following high demand for smaller SUP boards for kids and the great feedback received on the initial Nano Pro, it was a pleasure for Keith Teboul to again bring his surfing knowledge into the smaller boards. They have similar lengths and volumes in the smaller range. The outline on these boards is progressive, with a relatively aggressive rocker, as kids need all the help they can get to turn as they are small and light. Quatro incorporated the Integrated Stability Deck on a more expanded area of the board to create an even more stable platform to stand, paddle and surf on. There is a 3/4 aft pad for supreme comfort.

These boards are fast stable, easy to paddle and nimble to turn. Your kids will be ripping it up on the Nano Pro before you know it.


Nano SUP Specs