Pyranha Surfjet 2.0 Sit On Top Kayak

From £399.00




Updating the legendary Surfjet has allowed Pyranha to create the ultimate all rounder, complete with perch seat for small juniors.  We love the fact this kayak is UK made, as well as being a class leading design.  Add a diverse range of accessories to suit your needs.  Available in three colours.

With the Surfjet 2.0 you can have confidence in you selection, offering a friendly and forgiving experience in a all round design.  Perfect for both inland and coastal paddling, you will have endless fun whether paddling solo or with your child.  The hull design gives stability and an ideal blend of simple straight line tracking and glide, without compromising the ability to easily turn when exploring rocky coastline or surf.

Don't sell your adventures short by buying a cheaply produced emulation of a tired, old design; get into the sport at the cutting edge with a SurfJet 2.0 and set yourself up for years of adventures to come, with the ability to make the most of every second of them.

The SurfJet 2.0 Has a Range of Options to Suit Your Unique Adventures:

  • Deluxe Padded Seat with High Backrest
  • Thigh Control Straps
  • Rear Bungee Storage
  • Paddle Park
  • Pod Hatch



Length 267cm / 8' 9"

Width 73cm / 29"

Weight 18kg / 40lb

Optimum Paddler Weight up to 110kg / 240lb