Pyranha Ripper Stout 2 Kayak

From £1,275.00


What can you say about the Ripper that hasn’t already?  A design that changed kayaking for the better and modernised the half slice category, which had previously been a case of classic designs reduced to dusty history.  Taking inspiration from the 9R, the Ripper uses a confidence inspiring bow with bags of rocker and a good chunk of volume.  This is then blended with a shallow and flat tail that wants to initiate and play.  Did we mention the speed?  Wow!

With enough volume to take on all your favourite runs, in the Ripper you'll be stern squirting out of eddies, dip turning around rocks, and soul surfing every wave... after all, kayaking is meant to be fun!


Sizes S M L
Length (cm) 274 274 274
Width (cm) 59 62 63
Cockpit (cm) 95x50 95x50 97x54
Volume (l) 216 235 271
Weight (kg) 20 20 21
Paddler Weight (kg) 40-75