Pyranha Rebel Kids Spraydeck

Angry, Grumpy, Snappy Waist Tube Sizes
26"–32" 32"–34" 34"–38"
66–81cm 81–86cm 86–97cm
Angry, Grumpy, Snappy Cockpit Sizes
Keyhole: Fits Jed, Loki, Speeder
Large: Fits Machno, Ripper, Burn, 12R, 9R, Fusion
Rebel Waist Tube Size
XS/S S/M  
26" 32"  
66cm 81cm  
Rebel Deck Size
One Size Fits Rebel
Rapid Waist Tube Size
One Size
Max Waist 53"
Max Waist 135cm
Rapid Deck Size
One Size Fits Fusion, TG Lite, Master TG
From £72.00


The Pyranha Rebel Deck has been specifically designed to fit the award winning Pyranha Rebel kids kayak.

The cockpit shape and size on any boat directly affects the connectivity of the paddler with the kayak; as such, the Pyranha Rebel was created with a new cockpit size specifically for children, and here's the spraydeck to fit.

4mm dive-quality neoprene throughout with stitched and glued seams gives the Rebel Deck the same durability as the adult decks, and the special angry fish logo and all-black design will help get the kids even more excited about kayaking!