Pyranha 9R II Stout 2 Kayak

From £1,449.00


The original 9R that dominated Sickline with Gerd was a truly game changing kayak.  Incredibly fast and with bags of bow rocker for the time.  However, you needed to be strong intermediate upwards to get the best from it.  The second generation seen here is a modernisation of the concept, aiming to be more rounded and applicable to a wider range of skills.  After all, shouldn't a creek boat look after you when things get serious?

This sports car of a kayak is an exhilarating ride on any river, its narrow width not only increasing the 9R's dynamic speed, but also offering immense connectivity, effortless rolling, and lightning fast edge to edge transitions; the 9R's unparalleled speed is just as much fun to wield during everyday missions as it is in competitions, opening up more moves and whole new possibilities such as mid-rapid line changes and easy attainments.

The 9R II's design has been refined to offer paddlers a faster ride with greater control, because after all, #FastIsFun


  M L
Length (cm) 272 287
Width (cm) 65 66
Cockpit Size (cm) 95x50 95x54
Volume (l) 310 340
Weight (kg) 22 23
Paddler Weight (kg) 65-100 75-125