Point 7 Spy Sail 2021

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The 2021 Point-7 Spy pushes the limits for a freestyle wave sail. It's ability to be used as the top of its game in both wave and freestyle shows the versatility of the sail, now coming in both yellow and black. 

Key Features

  • Abundance of power
  • Wide wind range
  • True all-round contender
  • Power for onshore conditions and small waves
  • Surf and jumping

If you’re looking for power, but power which can plane in the lightest conditions and at the same time challenge even the toughest situations, this is the sail for you. Power to either hit a lip, or a ramp. Blasting on bump and jump conditions and trying out the basics of freestyle moves. Built with quality materials for those who look for perfection in their gear. You won’t find anything else with more control, wide wind range, and power out there. Great for foiling too.

A powerful masterpiece and a symbol of control. Using a rich forward positioned profile for great drive mixed with good skin tension, the SPY is a powerful yet extremely controllable sail which ensures you stay on top of things in the widest variety of conditions and range of winds. The leech falling away smoothly down to batten four, whereas both it and the bottom batten retain plenty of rotation around the mast. Up-to-date detailing, and the upward geometry of the battens themselves also give an idea of the sail’s intended performance credentials – even when wave sailing, slalom sailors don’t want to sail slow! High-cut foot and high clew eyelet positions give the sail a distinctly beefed-up wave specific appearance. Undoubtedly the right choice for many and most. Power is nothing without control!

Presented this year in 2 codes. The 832_Black Code with the top part of the sail in 2.5mil Xply, which will deliver a light and forgiving feeling. The 7548_Yellow code with total 4mil Xply on the top part of the sail to have a more reactive and crispy feeling. Both versions are being introduce with the same window construction as the Salt pro.


The Spy is straightforward to rig, requiring an easy amount of force to counter its luff curve to set the rotation of the profile to obtain a slight loose leach which falls to the front point of the first top mini batten. Playing with the outhaul on the higher ring, will boost up power or increase control but do give a good outhaul tension until you find your perfect performance. Tighten the bottom and top batten, but just remove wrinkles on the other battens without overtightening them. If the wind becomes increasingly severe, the Spy can be retuned with more tension, increasing the twist in the leech without losing much shape in the draft. For wave sailing use the lower ring and decrease the downhaul by 2cm from max specs setting.



Size Luff Extension Mast Boom Weight (KG+-5%) Batten Clew Ring
4.0 364 2 370 148 2.76 5 2
4.2 381 12 370 152 2.85 5 2
4.5 393 24 370 156 3.04 5 2
4.7 399 30 370 160 3.09 5 2
5.0 413 14 400 166 3.14 5 2
5.4 426 28 400 172 3.33 5 2
5.9 440 12 430 178 3.42 5 2
6.4 457 28 430 186 3.61 5 2