Point 7 Slash Freestyle Sail 2022

From £499.00


The Slash will push any freestyle rider higher and further in their ability. There is no limit to what this sail can do as proven by many riders performing on the biggest stages.

Freestylers, this is your non-compromise to go extreme! Yentel Caers has travelled the main freestyle spots bringing this discipline to the next level. Our Slash has brought him to win the PWA & EFPT world titles. If you are tired of single moves, get the Slash to go beyond! 

Key Features 

  • No wind range limits.
  • Fast acceleration to allow moves in shorter spaces.
  • Power in lighter winds and higher stability in stronger winds.
  • Lots of Pop.
  • In a double move sequence, it will not limit the power only to the first move.
  • Super light in the hands.
  • Most functional freestyle-sail


The sail is a powerful toy, with fast acceleration to allow moves in shorter spaces, power in lighter winds and higher stability in stronger winds.  Lots of Pop! Stability all around its structure. In a double move sequence, it will not limit the power to the first move. Very pleasant to cruise and to get close to the freestyle world! 

Whats New for 2022?  

The base and lower batten has been increases in area and length, without touching the length of the boom. The sail has improved its low-end power, keeping the strong wind qualities untouched. 


Super light in the hands with good power on the front hand to make you feel the extreme acceleration in no space. It delivers an exact profile spot to rely on and exercise all the moves around. It will allow to have power even to finish the second move. You will not need to use your own power and extra skill to finish the move. Easy and comfortable in all the conditions to allow the focus only on the best way to stand out! The new outline high aspect outline on the top increases it’s spinning speed, and the slightly wider base it’s power. Even when the power of the freestyle sail generally decreases its wind range, this is not the situation for the Slash. 


The Slash is straightforward to rig, requiring an easy amount of force to counter its luff curve to set the rotation of the profile according to each freestyler needs. Playing with the outhaul will boost up power or increase control but do give good outhaul tension. Tighten the bottom and top batten, but just remove wrinkles on the other battens, without over tensioning them.