Point 7 F1e Electrified Hybrid Sail 2022

From £639.00


The F1e solves the issues of having both rigs for foil and fin with no compromises made. The extra power in the freewave 5.4 suits bump and jump conditions as well as offering more power when on the foil for early take off. The 7.6 can be locked in and performed in both slalom and slalom foil competition or for light wind foil. 

Whether it’s foil or fin, the most important is to get on the water and have fun. The F1e is the perfect balanced sail to have great performance both when using a foil or fin under your board. Once you decide between the wave-slalom model or slalom model. 

Key Features 

  • Designed for foiling up to 18knots from zero.
  • Designed for fin from 13 knots to 21 knots.
  • The only big sail needed if you foil for fun.
  • Early planning and easy handling.
  • 7 battens and 2 bottom cams on the 7.6 and 8.5
  • 5 battens and 1 bottom cam on the 5.4 and 5.9


Developing a sail able to satisfy all needs on a foil under 15 knots and blasting on a fin from 13 knots up to 21 knots. You need to choose between the type of foiling and windsurfing you like and according to your weight for the right size and model type.

Slalom: a full slalom sail designed to blast on any free slalom to slalom board, both for fin and foil. When the sail start to become to big on the foil, it will spin like a proper slalom sail on the fin.

Wave-slalom: The revolution of bump & jump freestyle wave designed to do tricks both on fin and foil on freestyle to free wave boards Blasting with your freestyle wave board at high speeds in stronger winds and enjoy saw basic jumping up to looping, and nice board carving. Imagine having a bit more drive below, a small cam, which pushes to have the extra power, stability and takes you to do all this which much more stability and control. Having a sail that pulls close to a size bigger, holds wind like a size smaller.

On The Water 

Feel as great as any of our fin sails when used with normal windsurfing boards in medium to high wind. They have been designed to fit the foil, but without sacrificing the stance on windsurfing board. 1 cam the 2 smaller sizes and 2 cams on the 2 bigger sizes. The cams in both cases are under the boom to give drive and stability to the foil, as well as control when powered up in windsurfing. Reduced mast sleeve size over the boom makes the sail light for flying, and comfortable on a fin when maneuvering. The short boom and high aspect reduce the back hand power when foiling, and this bring the sail to be enjoyable also in stronger wind when windy.


The F1e having the cams, need to have the mast inserted over the cams in the mast sleeve. Downhaul 10cm to the end. Place the boom head and pull the clew. Place the cams on the mast, and pull the downhaul down to the foil settings, or 3cm for the fin setting.