Point 7 ACF Sail 2021



The Point-7 ACF offers all round freerace performance with the ease and comfort of a freeride sail. Perfect as your first intermediate, advanced or foil sail. 



  • Plenty of blasting performance for a freeride.
  • Super light construction,
  • Early planning and easy handling and
  • Demands very little from its user
  • Speed, maneuverability, power, easy

Having Fun, Freedom, Friendliness. There are many freeride sails on the market, but this is one pure freeride sail, and its duty is simply to let its riders have enjoy the magic of the wind. It’s not built to be the beginner freeride sail, but a real quality-built tutor.

The AC-F features a super light construction, early planing, easy handling and demands very little from its user to work optimally. Speed, manoeuvrability, power, easy. A mix of all the AC lines, with a lot fun inside. It’s called freeride, but the battens are displaced with three kinds of different tube diameters, the graphics are stepping up to show off luxury. The slightly longer boom allows the AC-F to give more push than expected to even the larger volume boards. You can take the three smaller sizes bump and jumping in the waves, and the bigger 2 sizes on free race boards, with the 6-batten setup to amaze yourself with the speed in real light conditions. With three tubed battens incorporated, x-ply in the alternating batten pockets to mitigate stretch, and no fewer finishing details than you see on any other Point-7 sail, the AC-F is a well-considered sail, with plenty of durability built-in to withstand the inevitable abuse and wipeouts an intermediate experiences whilst progressing.

Rigging Information

The AC-F is straightforward to rig, requiring a reasonable amount of force to counter its moderate luff curve and apply the downhaul required, guided by the visual aid in the top panel. It can rig both rdm and sdm mast, but from 6.5 up the use of the sdm will give a better performance. Playing with the outhaul will boost up power or increase control. Tighten the bottom and top batten, but just remove wrinkles on the other battens, overtightening them.


Size Luff Extension SDM/RDM Mast Boom Weight (KG+-5%)  Batten
5.4 424 28 SDM and RDM 400 178 3.33 5
5.9 440 12 SDM and RDM 430 190 3.52 5
6.4 456 28 SDM and RDM 430 204 3.80 5
6.9 470 12 SDM and RDM 460 200 3.99 6
7.5 494 38 SDM and RDM 460 212 4.18 6