Point 7 AC-One Sail 2021

From £699.00


The Point-7 AC-One is the ultimate racing machine, in Italy there is no 2nd place its win or lose. This sail offers a full power feeling and acceleration.

Key Features

  • The fastest sail in downwind slalom racing
  • Deep-drafted, scary-looking, PWA World Champion race sail
  • Downforce
  • Insanely powerful, mega-turbo powerful
  • Breath taking acceleration

Plug & 0.7. Leaving the beach, the sail will totally feel light in your hands. Crank up the throttle and see how you get once set to 6th gear and be ready to absolutely fly! Why? Downforce! Softness and stability! The AC-One pushes the deck down, eliminating any unwanted nose-lift from lively boards and absolutely charges through – or rather over – chop and swell. Yes, it’s insanely powerful yet easy to control as all the power is in the front, leaving the back hand with no effort to be applied. In fact, it is mega, turbo powerful – the acceleration is insane. But the force pins down the hull and leaves you in a nice, high position of control over the thumping V12 at the end of your arms. When it comes to jibing, the entrance to the jibe is easy thanks to its light profile at the rear part of the sail but be ready to handle the boosted power of its acceleration once you flip the sail.

With the 3-cam the rotation became light and smoother than before. The softer feeling from the 2019 foil gives an extra power in light winds, increasing up to 20% performance from the previous years. The transition from lighter winds to stronger gusts, is much smoother. This allows to keep the same stance and body position no matter the wind intensity donating more control, more instant and easy acceleration, no loss of board control. Simply easier and faster!

Rigging Information

The AC-1 needs to have the mast inserted on top of the cams. After pulling downhaul to 15cm of its final setting you can either put on the boom, and later pop on the cams before putting the final downhaul on, or place the cams on with the right technique, pulling on full downhaul, and then putting the boom on. You will find more instructions and videos on the support section on our website.

Playing with the outhaul will boost up power or increase control. Tighten the lower 2 battens and the top batten, but just remove wrinkles on the other battens, without overtightening them.


Size Luff Mast Extension RDM or SDM  Boom Cam Weight (+-5%)
4.7 393 370 24 RDM 170 3 5.01
5.0 395 370 26 RDM 174 3 5.23
5.6 425 400 26 RDM 180 3 5.43
6.2 441 400 42 RDM 192 3 5.70
7.1 464 430 34 SDM 194 3 6.08
7.8 500 460 42 SDM 214 3 6.65
8.6 524 490 34 SDM 230 3 7.03
9.2 524 490 34 SDM 240 3 7.32