Playboater Hard Work Deck Kevlar


Deck Size 

Deck Size Cockpit Length
Smalldeck 60-75 cm
Keyhole 70-85 cm
Bigdeck 80-95 cm


Waist Size

  Waist Size
S 26-30" 60-70cm
S/M 26-34" 60-80cm
M 30-34" 70-80cm
L 34-36" 80-90cm
L/XL 34-40" 80-100cm
XL 36-40" 90-100cm
From £119.99


Our newest deck integrates our best technology.

A central superstretch section reduces edge lift for a drier more secure ride and can also accommodate a deck bump. The new Carbon edging is an industry first and offers significant performance gains over conventional Aramid fibres.

WAIST SIZES Unisex: - S (26-30" 60-70cm), M (30-34" 70-80cm), L (34-36" 80-90cm), XL (36-40" 90-100cm)

Keyhole: (K 70-85cm cockpits)
Bigdeck: (B 80-95 cockpits)