Palm Orbit Spraydeck


Deck Size

Palm size EU US Cockpit length Cockpit width Examples
R2 extra small XS 66 – 75 cm 40 – 45 cm Dagger Dynamo / Axiom 6.9
R3 small S 73 – 82 cm 42 – 50 cm slalom kayak
R4 keyhole M 81 – 91 cm 45 – 55 cm Dagger whitewater boats (snug fit)
R5 bigdeck L 89 – 98 cm 48 – 58 cm Dagger whitewater boats (easy fit)
R6 super big XL 96 – 105 cm 55 – 60 cm Dagger Axis E10.5


Waist Size

  XXS XS/S M/L XL/XXL Adjustable
Waist size 64 – 72 cm 72 – 80 cm 80 – 96 cm 96 – 127 cm 60 – 127 cm
  25 – 28" 28 – 31" 31 – 38" 38 – 50" 24 – 50"


Measure yourself:

  • Waist –The circumference at the smallest part of your stomach, often at the belly button. For most women this is about an inch above the belly button
From £170.00


The ultimate spraydeck will always be based around a rand rather than shockcord, providing the tightest fit and resisting implosion during savage impacts associated with big waterfalls.  If your motto is go big or go home the Orbit was made for you.

Don't buckle under pressure. The Orbit rand is designed to stay on your kayak through even the biggest hits, and the implosion proof centre section soaks up the impacts. KNytex Kevlar reinforcement protects against abrasion on the outside whilst Gripsil keeps things in place underneath. An extended body tube, with O-ring seal, add to the Orbit's fully loaded checklist of features.



4 mm Small Diamond CR deck
KNytex and Supratex CR neoprene rim
Jersey and mesh neoprene waist


  • 1005 g (R4, M/L)


  • CR neoprene tunnel with O-ring seal


  • Triple Glued, blind stitched and Melco taped seams


  • 11 mm, 70 IRHD rubber rand triple glued

Deck Features

  • 3 dimensional deck shape
  • Sticky Gripsil on cockpit lining

Other Features

  • 38 mm webbing release loop with attachment clip

Small Diamond neoprene

  • A textured nylon face fabric adds abrasion resistance in wear and tear areas, without compromising the neoprene's stretch.

Rand deck

  • Developed from our bombproof 2009 rand deck, and updated for current cockpit designs. This heavy-duty rubber rand hugs your cockpit rim more tightly than shockcord, holding the deck on in the most extreme conditions.

KNytex Reinforced

  • Made of the same smooth, high density nylon weave as Nytex, reinforced with super tough Kevlar® fibres.

Supratex neoprene

  • Nylon reinforced neoprene that's supple and stretchy, yet holds its shape, maintaining an excellent fit for your spraydeck.

O-ring seal

  • Keep your deck up and water out. Our unique waist tube has a conical, grippy neoprene ring, cleverly made without a seam.


  • A grippy, durable coating which provides excellent grip and a watertight seal on your kayak's cockpit.