Palm Impact Spraydeck


Deck Size

Palm size EU US Cockpit length Cockpit width Examples
R2 extra small XS 66 – 75 cm 40 – 45 cm Dagger Dynamo / Axiom 6.9
R3 small S 73 – 82 cm 42 – 50 cm slalom kayak
R4 keyhole M 81 – 91 cm 45 – 55 cm Dagger whitewater boats (snug fit)
R5 bigdeck L 89 – 98 cm 48 – 58 cm Dagger whitewater boats (easy fit)
R6 super big XL 96 – 105 cm 55 – 60 cm Dagger Axis E10.5


Waist Size

  XXS XS/S M/L XL/XXL Adjustable
Waist size 64 – 72 cm 72 – 80 cm 80 – 96 cm 96 – 127 cm 60 – 127 cm
  25 – 28" 28 – 31" 31 – 38" 38 – 50" 24 – 50"


Measure yourself:

  • Waist –The circumference at the smallest part of your stomach, often at the belly button. For most women this is about an inch above the belly button
From £140.00


A performance shockcord style whitewater spraydeck from Palm Equipment that is tried and tested by our staff.  If you prefer not to go with a range deck then the Palm Impact is your logical choice for a durable option that will hold firm whatever the conditions.

Burly 9.5 mm shockcord holds the Palm Impact in place, and the seamless O-ring seal keeps the waist tube where you want it. The Nytex reinforced rim shrugs off wear and tear, and a three-quarter dry lip seals water out.



  • 3 mm nylon Jersey CR neoprene deck
  • Nytex and Supratex CR neoprene rim
  • Jersey and mesh neoprene waist


  • 771 g (R4, M/L)


  • CR neoprene tunnel with O-ring seal


  • Triple Glued, blind stitched and Melco taped seams


  • 9.5mm elastic shockcord double sewn

Deck Features

  • 3/4 length dry-lip
  • 3 dimensional deck shape
  • Sticky Gripsil on cockpit lining

Other Features

  • 38 mm webbing release loop with attachment clip

Small Diamond neoprene

  • A textured nylon face fabric adds abrasion resistance in wear and tear areas, without compromising the neoprene’s stretch.

Nytex Reinforced

  • The outer layer of this neoprene is armoured with a smooth, tightly woven high-density nylon to provide long term durability and
    an excellent fit.

Supratex neoprene

  • Nylon reinforced neoprene that’s supple and stretchy, yet holds its shape, maintaining an excellent fit for your spraydeck.

O-ring seal

  • Keep your deck up and water out. Our unique waist tube has a conical, grippy neoprene ring, cleverly made without a seam.


  • A grippy, durable coating which provides excellent grip and a watertight seal on your kayak’s cockpit.