Palm Drift Pro 2 Piece Paddle

Paddler Height Boat Width
  less than 25" 26" and over
less than 5'1" 200cm 220cm
5'1" - 5'4" 205cm 220cm
5'4" - 6'0" 210cm 220cm
6'0" and taller  215cm  230cm
From £100.00


One of our most popular paddles and with good reason, the Palm Drift Pro offers features many of our customers desire.  The ability to split into two piece makes transport and storage effortless.  The included drip rings reduce water running down the shaft, thereby keeping the paddler dry.  Perhaps the most noteworthy feature is the use of a light weight fibreglass shaft, thereby reducing fatigue and making you feel comfortable during a long day on the water.

The Drift Pro has a light glass fibre shaft with adjustable angle and length on-the-go. Durable and great value with an asymmetric blade - ideal for touring, sit-on-tops or inflatable kayaks.



  • 1179 g (215-220)

Blade Size

  • 660 cm²


  • 0-80° adjustable


  • Polypropylene glass filled


  • Glass fibre

Shaft Diameter

  • 30 mm

Other Features

  • Take apart paddle with adjustable feather and length coupling
  • Blade shape with gentle dihedral
  • Moulded-in hand grip
  • Drip rings

Polypropylene glass reinforced blades

  • Our allround paddle blades are injection moulded from glass fibre reinforced polypropylene; these blades are lightweight but durable. Glass fibre adds stiffness and strength to the polypropylene.

Glass fibre shaft

  • Twelve layers of spun 100% glass fibre make this shaft lightweight, strong and flexible for all-day paddling comfort on the water.