O'Neill Psycho One 5/4 Back Zip Full Wetsuit Gunmetal/UltraBlue


From £299.95


The Unparalleled Premium in Lightweight Flexibility. Although absolutely dominant in the performance suit category for many years the Psycho One has seen an overhaul to take it further ahead of the competition.迨 Now featuring TB Firewall with heat retaining thermal interior layer in the chest, back, and legs.

O'Neill Code - 5427

Colour - GQ8 Gunmetal/UltraBlue

Team inspired minimal seam design. The Psycho one series is the choice of pro riders, looking for warm suits but without loosing stretch. The use of Technibutter neoprene is perfectly complimented with a fluid seam weld, keeping cold water out and away from your body.


Patented Z.E.N. Zip Closure (Back Zip)

Minimal Seam Design

Anti-Flush Barrier (Z.E.N. Zip)

Double Seal Collar


Fluid Seam Weld

Arms/ Shoulders/Calf: Technobutter 3

Chest/Back/Shins/Butt: Technobutter 3 Air-Firewall