North Seek Foil Board

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The new Seek foil board is all about accessible performance and ideally suited to use wing boarding.  The high volume but compact shape offers effortless take offs, while the heavily bevelled edge and raised spine reduced the friction and suck associated with touch downs, enabling you to get back on the foil quickly.  The deck pad and multiple strap insert points makes the Seek versatile across a range of disciplines and user abilities, while the adjustable foil track is innovative and makes for rapid changes to your trim and overall setup.

Early take-off, stable and responsive wing foilboard with effortless touchdown recovery, stability and pumpability.


  • Short sleek outline for pumpability with generous volume for stability
  • Deep-V concave nose with tail cutaways, tapered tail and steep bevelled rails for fast release
  • Corduroy deck grip with intuitive centreline ridge and visual stance reference
  • Lightweight hybrid carbon technology with high-density dual stringers
  • DropBox instant adjustable foil mounting track (165x90 bolt spacing)
  • GORETM waterproof 2-way vent - no adjustment required
  • New Free-V and Free Foil Strap Inserts (straps sold separately)


4ft10 23 4 57
5ft1 25.5 4.5 77
5ft5 27.5 4 3/16 97
5ft9 29.5 5 1/8 117
6ft4 40 5 1/8 130


HYBRID CARBON TECHNOLOGY - Lighter weight construction for stiffness, manoeuvrability and glide. The stiffer the board, the better it will pump and the more responsive it feels. A light yet durable epoxy composite laminate, with a balanced carbon and e-glass fibre layup is wrapped around an EPS core. High-density closed cell PVC reinforcement around the foil track mount, leash plug and foot strap inserts spreads the load. An ultra-lightweight double bamboo reinforcement layer under the standing area adds greater impact resistance and rigidity.

INTEGRATED PVC STRUCTURAL STRINGER SYSTEM - The DropBox foil mounting tracks are embedded into a high-density closed-cell PVC block. Two high- density PVC stringers are glued to each side of this block, distributing the load lengthwise, and the full system connects the top and bottom laminate skins for maximum support.

DROPBOX ADJUSTABLE FOIL MOUNTING TRACK - Speed-dial your foil setup. Simply drop your foil pre-assembled with screws and t-nuts into the track, slide it backwards, then tighten the screws to fasten. Our unique structurally-integrated DropBox has a longer track for a wider adjustment range, allowing you to precision-tune the foil set up for your rider weight. A measurement guide next to the track aids correct positioning. Industry-standard 90mm track spacing means the DropBox is compatible with most foil systems.

GORE WATERPROOF 2 WAY VENT - The EPS core of a high volume board is affected by extreme temperature changes. To prevent air pressure build- up we’ve installed a two-way GORETM Protective Vent on the top deck. This allows air to pass in and out of the board, while preventing water from entering. The vent is factory-fitted and does not require any adjustment

TOUCHDOWN RECOVERY - The nose spine and double-concave in the underside of the nose, combined with the steep bevelled rails, helps with touchdown recovery. The V-shape in the bottom contour of the board breaks the water surface on touch down, so the board dives in gently and releases quickly, without sticking. The V also helps to funnel air under the board, which helps it to release faster.

CUTAWAY TAIL - The sharp release edge on the tail allows for an earlier take-off, while the cutaways and the way the tail tapers reduces the volume in the tail, helping to bring the board’s centre of buoyancy forward, right underneath your stance. Having the centre of buoyancy directly underneath your stance is essential For finding that sweet spot on the board where you can remain without shifting your weight back and forward. The wedged tail shape reduces the overall length and improves the pumpability of the foil. Every movement counts to staying up on the foil.

SHORT RECTANGULAR OUTLINE WITH GENEROUS NOSE VOLUME - The shorter the board, the more effective it is for pumping, the less swing weight, and the more aerodynamic and manoeuvrable it is when riding up on the foil. The reverse shear of the deck and downward curve in the nose allows for greater control over the board, even when fully submerged on water starts. The extra nose volume was added on top so the boards could be cut short without losing stability and allows you to ride a board 6” shorter. The volume in the nose also stops you nose-diving when you’re paddling into a wave and helps keep the water off the concave deck.

DOUBLE CONCAVE DECK - There is a significant amount of concave in the deck that works to position the rider lower and makes the board more stable to ride. The concave puts all the volume outside on the rails, so the centre of the board is the low point. It creates the best potential for balancing and is the most comfortable and responsive shape to stand o

LONGITUDINAL CORDUROY DECK GRIP - For a more intuitive and direct connection to your foil, maximum-grip longitudinal corduroy with centre-line ridge allows fast, easy tactile foot placement. Tail kickpad with cutouts on the Swell for your feet while prone paddling. Transverse markers on the deckpad provide a visual reference, giving you confidence to adjust.

INTEGRATED TPU CARRY HANDLE - Recessed carry handle on the underside of the foil board allows balanced load handling with or without the foil attached and leaves your other hand free to carry your wing or paddle down to the water.

NEW FREE-V AND FREE FOIL STRAP INSERTS - Additional off-centre strap inserts allow you to customise your stance with 5 different positioning options for each strap - or go strapless. (Straps sold separately).