NeilPryde V8 8.0m 2006 | USED

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The V8 is Prydes twin cam freerace sail, it'll be super early onto the plane with the twin cam giving the sail a bit more shape and low end grunt. 

The sail shows signs of wear as you'd expect from a sail of this age, there are creases in the panels from rigging and they have a slight mist in them. Overall the condition of the sail is 6/10, please don't hesitate to ask any further questions or request anymore pictures. 


To take all the research & development from the Neil Pryde Racing program and put it into a package that is just as fast, but easier to use for the week-end racer or freerider. The V8 must have a huge wind range and the best low end of the whole Neil Pryde collection.

Key Features                     

  • Seven Batten Configuration
  • Component Luffpocket construction
  • Neil Pryde Component batten system
  • Flexhead Configuration
  • Supercams II
  • Cam Pressure Adjustment System

How was it done?                 

The V8’s shaping and design characteristics are taken directly from the current sail in the Neil Pryde racing program. To increase the range of use of the sail it is developed with a smaller luff sleeve compared to a racing sail. However, the luff sleeve is still much wider than the other recreational flatwater sails. The wide luff sleeve helps to lock in the stability and profile of the sail.                                        

The deepest profile of all the recreational sails specifically oriented for exceptional early planing and stability.                                               

Extended mast length and a higher aspect ratio makes the sail more forgiving in the chop, lighter feeling and improves acceleration.                                    

Longer boom than a slalom sail, but shorter than the pure racing sails for optimum reaching speed / upwind performance ratio.