NeilPryde Free Flight Sail 2021

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The Free Flight from NeilPryde has all the features to get you on the foil in the easiest way possible. It's four batten set up featuring one cam gives the sail brilliant stability whilst keeping it as lightweight as possible. The short boom allows for a tight leach which gives the sail a lot of initial power to get onto the plane. 

Freemove Foil Sail

The new Free Flight Foil Sail impresses with its super easy handling and manoeuvrability. It is the perfect sail for someone who is just getting into foiling or wants to focus more on freemoves on the foil. This sail is your go-to for easy gybing, ducking and carving, as well as easy and controlled freeriding. Specifically designed for use on the foil, this sail rotates effortlessly while remaining stable in the hands.

This 4 batten and 1 integrated cam sail is extremely lightweight and has great profile stability so that you can get up onto the foil quickly in lower winds and truly focus on the feeling of gliding over the water. 

Ultra Light 4 Batten Foil Freeride Sail

4 battens and 1 integra cam below the boom on 5.7 and smaller, 2 cams on 6.6 to offer the best compromise between no-cam like rotation and lightness combined with stability and low end power of cambered profile in the bottom.

The one-cam design allows the sail to keep a forward opened profile, while it doesn’t overstep the backhand, truly a front hand driven sail. 

Rider Profile

We have made it our mission to keep this sail really light, hence, only in its biggest size we added one more Integracam. Furthermore, we ensured that even with less wind, this sail sets up and is ready to go – your perfect partner for a large variety of foil spots.

This easy to rig and ready to go sail is not a sail for speed junkies, but for riders who are all about the foil experience. We recommend the glide series foils with this sail and any freemove freeride freestyle board like the JP FreeFoil.