Mystic Golfbag Wheelie Boardbag FW20

From £159.95


The Mystic Golfbag allows you to make use of more relaxed rules around Golfing equipment when booking your next flight.  Don't miss out on desirable features though, Mystic have added protective padding and heavy duty wheels.  For most it will strike the right balance of durability and weight.


- XL wheels

- Protective padding on the critical parts

- 360 Webbing equator

- EVA formed shoulder patch

- Compression straps

- Core support strap (RED)

- Carry handles

- 3D mesh airvent

- Transparent inner pocket (2x)

- Heavy duty zipper

- Zipper protection edge

- Address card pocket

- Golf outfit required


- HXcomb shell

- PVC coated 600D polyester

- Heavy duty tarpaulin (inside)