Lib Tech Terrain Wrecker C2 Snowboard 2020

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Your dream board if you have reoccurring nightmares... The Terrain Wrecker is designed to leave a path of destruction in its wake as you take your freestyle game and savagely apply it to the entire mountain.

A directional shape with a floaty nose, tail that loves to be snatched and blocked with a twin chassis that rips in both directions. This is a quiver killer.

ALL TERRAIN QUIVER KILLER - A board you can take anywhere with confidence. The Terrain Wrecker is a one stick quiver that wants to crush miles of piste and find fresh tracks when possible.



THE PERFECT RESORT SNOWBOARD - Heading away and want to make the most of the mountain? The terrain wrecker won't send you home dissappointed, it's perfect to tick off the entire piste map and more. C2 camber brings the optimal combination of camber control and rocker float.



FAST RUGGED SINTERED KNIFE CUT BASE - Nobody wants to be lacking for pace, watching friends glide effortlessly past on the flats. The combination of an original power construction, combined with sintered base, means you have all the performance you'd ever need.



Magnatraction - To say the Lib Tech factory is experimental would be a massive understatement. Their staff can pursue concepts that would be immediately outlawed in other brands. Once such tech is magnatraction, the undulating edge which products epic levels of grip compared with a standard sidewall shapes. Many have tried to copy but the reality is nobody does it quite like Lib. Turns ice into powder with one turn.




Size(cm) Contact
Nose / Tail
Min-Max / Set Back
10 = Firm
154 117 8.2 29.6 / 29.6 25.5 20.25"-25" / 0" 6.5 100+
156W 119 8.3 31 / 31 26.7 20.25"-25" / 0" 6.5 120+
157 119 8.3 30 / 30 25.7 20.25"-25" / 0" 6.5 110+
160 121 8.4 30.2 / 30.2 25.9 20.25"-25" / 0" 7 120+
161W 121 8.4 31 / 31 26.7 20.25"-25" / 0" 7 120+