Lib Tech T Ras C2 Snowboard 2020

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Travis has an eye for quality snowboarding and over the years has celebrated the rise of the Canadian power beast Chris Rasman.

Chris loves the Travis shape and plays in the same big nasty freestyle terrain that Travis calls home. This year the two teamed up and dreamed up a special Raz model to the T.Rice pro line up. All the resort and park freestyle versatility to make the perfect daily driver and the float and power to push well beyond perceived limits in the wilds of BC and beyond. Quite possibly the best snowboard ever made from two of the best snowboarders to ever strap in.


CHRIS RASMANS SPECIAL SIZE IN THE T.RICE LINEUP - The standard Travis line has always included sizes 157 and 161.5. Many of our customers have asked for the missing 159cm and Lib Tech finally delivered!



UNLIMITED RESORT AND BACKCOUNTRY BLASTING T.RAS - The use of the C2 profile gives the optimal combination of camber control and edge grip, yet retaining sufficient float and fun from rocker.



T.RICES LOVE FOR RAS SAVAGE SHRED GAME & A RUGGED SINTERED BASE - An upgrade from models such as the Terrain Wrecker, the T.Rice series brings a HP construction to ensure powerful riders have absolute control. As well as giving the board more edge hold and instant response, the HP also reduces weight. The additional of a fully sintered base ensure you'll never be wanting for more speed.



Magnatraction - To say the Lib Tech factory is experimental would be a massive understatement. Their staff can pursue concepts that would be immediately outlawed in other brands. Once such tech is magnatraction, the undulating edge which products epic levels of grip compared with a standard sidewall shapes. Many have tried to copy but the reality is nobody does it quite like Lib. Turns ice into powder with one turn.




Size(cm) Contact
Nose / Tail
Min-Max / Set Back
10 = Firm
159.5 122 8.3 30.2 / 30.2 25.9 20.25"-25" / 0" 7 125+