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Full Face Mask Diver

This course provides the diver with the basic safety, technical and practical knowledge necessary to be a competent full face mask diver and feel comfortable using their system. You will participate in an academic session to learn the features of full face masks, gain familiarity with the system in the pool, and finish by demonstrating skills in the open water.

Being recreational divers, we are used to having a regulator in our mouth all the time and breathing through the nose is not possible while wearing an ordinary diving mask. It's a different story when you dive with a full face mask! You will be breathing as if you were on the surface and, most definitely, enjoy this new diving experience. In addition, you will be able to appreciate the fantastic wider field of view while diving.

Regardless of the conditions you dive in, you will also enjoy being protected from the cooler surrounding water. Indeed, these great advantages are best appreciated in cold water diving, so you will be delighted to dive even during the winter months.

Deep Diver




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