JP Ultimate Wave PRO 2020

From £1,999.00


The Ultimate Wave will stun dedicated wave sailors around the globe. You will feel at home at every wave spot in any given conditions.

The board carves fast, turns smoothly and maintains speed anywhere from huge down-the-line waves to mushy onshore rollers. It responds instantly to rider input and changes from rail to rail comfortably and extremely quickly. The grip and rail bite will give you the confidence to push your personal limits when carving turns on anything from medium to XXL waves. It will reward progressive sailing with turns that you used to dream of. This is the ultimate wave board!


1. Radical down-the-line wave board

2. Quad fin setup with multiple fin options

3. Slotbox with fin positioning scale

4. Innegra Parabolic Rails

The Innegra Parabolic Rail works as a stringer around the whole shape, adding extra stiffness to the board. To ensure the best stiffness ratio, the rail is fully covered with Innegra, a high modulus polypropylene fiber that has excellent impact resistance. The parabolic form of the rail combined with the molded fibre creates a strong and solid U-beam structure that connects the deck, rail and bottom.

Innegra is pigmented instead of fully painted to save weight and avoid paint chipping.

5. New Footstrap with scale for easy adjustment to the foot size and 4 screw fixation

6. S-Glass

7. Double Footstrap Plugs

4 screws per strap for safety and a perfect connection between rider and board
100% anti-twist