JP Super Ride FWS 2020

From £1,699.00


These boards sit right between the manoeuvrable Magic Ride and racy Super Sport. Available here Full Wood Sandwich construction.

They jump on the plane early, are capable of serious top speeds and at the same time feel extremely comfortable and easy to ride. Control is never an issue, even when fully powered up. Smooth - that's how they carve into turns and which makes them great for wide and tight gybes alike.


1. The all-rounder - positioned right in the centre of the freeride class!

2. Foil-Tuttlebox: All SUPER RIDEs come with foil approved fin boxes (specially reinforced for foils with Deep Tuttle bases).

3. Sporty and controlable when sailing fast and gybing

4. The Gold Edition comes in super light Textreme technology

5. New Footstrap with scale for easy adjustment to the foot size

6. Parabolic Rails (Gold, Pro, FWS)