JP Magic Ride ES 2020

From £1,299.00


Since its dawn this line featured a magic combination of ease, stability and good performance.

The second generation featured more life and agility. Now, the all-new 3rd generation is here! The shape adjustments make it significantly easier to control at speed and through the chop.Consequently, these boards ride smoother and gybe more easily and willingly into and through turns. On the water the boards surprise you with a sporty and energetic character which is incredibly easy to handle. The improved magic of these boards pushes the performance and fun factor to the next level.


1. Increased bottom V for better control and more comfort

2. Easiest planing and gybing

3. Foil-Powerbox; in combination with the NP Glide Wind foil one of the easiest set-ups to start foiling

4. Parabolic Rails (Pro, FSW)

5. New Footstrap with scale for easy adjustment to the foot size

6. The 159 is longer than the other sizes and very stable which makes it the perfect board for everyone stepping down from a beginner board with daggerboard.