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The Hollis M3 Mask aims for perfect visibility with a low profile, framed mask fitted with Saint Gobian Diamant crystal clear glass and a 100% pure black silicone skirt.

Stylish Matt Finish on the frame, skirt and strap but the sealing face of the skirt has a standard smooth finish for a perfect seal. The skirt incorporates reinforcing ridges down the side and underneath the buckle to prevent the skirt from creasing and collapsing when moved, which would otherwise compromise the seal.

High Grade Crystal clear glass from Saint Gobian to improve clarity and light transmittance. Standard tempered glass has a green tint that is created by iron and other impurities in the lens. Impurities scatter and reflect light as it enters through the lens, reducing the amount that is able to pass through and also affecting colours. Crystal clear glass has an especially low iron and impurity content which reduces distortion and improves low light visibility and colours.

Tear Drop Shape lenses improve the field of view to the side but also when looking down. The reverse teardrop shape to the lower frame combined with the raked angle skirt brings the bottom of the frame back in toward the face and moves the frame out of the field of view. This not only improves lower visibility without the need to tilt the head but also reduces the internal volume of the mask.

Four Way Buckle system improves strap positioning and comfort but also reduces the stress transferred to the skirt, helping to prevent the skirt from being buckled and creased through movement. The buckle assembly is able to swivel up and down for vertical strap adjustments and also in and out to allow varying fitting angles. A simple one button strap length adjustment makes final strap tightness corrections quick and easy.


Twin lens frame design

Reverse tear drop lenses with raked skirt

Matt external finish

100% pure silicone skirt

Four way buckle system

Crystal Clear Saint Gobian lenses

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