Goya Custom Quad Pro 2015

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The ultimate wave board, available here in quad fin configuration and at an unbeatable price.

Francisco’s words: “A whole new level of excitement. Those are the words that come mind as I’m riding the all new Custom for the first time. I just feel so much more connected to the whole board, it is fast and intuitive on the wave to a point that I wonder if I even need the footstraps. I have never experience the similarities to surfing as I had with these new shapes.”

Read the Windsurf Magazine test report here

The nose on the new Custom is slightly narrower, just as on surfboards, where the narrower nose allows you to get closer into the wave and its curves. A faster progressive rocker keeps you driving forward at full speed. When deciding what size to take we suggest going one size bigger than what you’d normally take. And if you are going to get two boards think of the widest gap possible so that you have your session on the water guaranteed regardless of the wind conditions. A bigger board will not only plane and carry you on lighter winds, it will also allow you to ride with a smaller sail, making it that much more enjoyable.