Goya Banzai Sail 2014

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The Banzai is the best selling wave sail in the Goya range, offering the perfect balance of power and control, combined with unrivalled build quality. Available while stocks last at a massive saving.

This Banzai is lighter, more flexible and has a better forward feeling in the hands, plus it offers better high wind control in all sizes. A new size of 5.5 has been added. The Banzai has explosive low end power and a very direct feel. All wave and wave style sailing conditions are a blast with this sail, from down the line waves to onshore waves and freewave sailing. The Banzai is a top level progressive performance sail delivering ultimate power waveriding and jumping. Very well suited to mulit fin boards.

This is backed up by comments from one of the greatest wave sailors of all time, Brawzinho:

“I have been riding the Banzai a lot flatter at Hookipa, which helps to de-power, but it still holds a shape and drive forward when the strong gusts hit. For on-shore conditions I have been riding it more full with amazing power and early planing. This sail is very easy to move from one side to the other, backside to frontside.“