Fanatic Ride SUP Rig 2021

From £479.00


The Ride SUP rig 2020 is the perfect complement to your SUP or WindSUP, allowing lightwind sailing and endless fun for all the family.  Includes everything you need to get on the water in double quick time.  

Easy to sail and effortless to uphaul, the Ride SUP rig is the ideal solution for light wind windsurfing on SUP boards (with mast track insert), or Windsurf / SUP boards such as our Viper Air and Ripper Air. All components are designed to make rigging as simple as possible, so you can just rig and go in as little as 30 seconds!

The perfect light wind Windsurf/SUP rig is easy to sail, straight forward to assemble, and convenient to store. Coming in an ultra compact, high quality nylon bag, it includes a mast, mastbase, extension, 3-pcs. boom and sail.

Ready to rig and go, it takes 30 secs to assemble and is available in 5.5m2 and 6.5m sizes.

Design Features:

Light Dacron sail for a smooth power delivery and a light feeling

3-piece compact boom works as a normal boom but can be stored more easily.  

Mastbase, extension and boom with markings help setup the sail easily


SIZE: 4.5 M²

Max. Boom - 180 cm (4 pieces)

Max. Luff - 415 cm

Mast - RDM 410 cm (4 pieces)


SIZE: 5.5 M²

Max. Boom - 185 cm (4 pieces)

Max. Luff - 435 cm

Mast - RDM 430 cm (4 pieces)


SIZE: 6.5 M²

Max. Boom - 200 cm (4 pieces)

Max. Luff - 475 cm

Mast - RDM 430 cm (4 pieces)