Fanatic Freewave TeXtreme - 2022

From £2,649.00


The FreeWave combines the best features of Fanatics wave and freestyle board to make up the ultimate all round board that really does do it all. With the option to take out the side fins and use it as a single fin blaster or engage the side fins and get in the waves and chop for some high wind fun. 

An evolution of the Stubby outline blended with our legendary FreeWave DNA, the FreeWave TXTR is a true chameleon – ready to adapt and excel in all conditions.

From flatwater blasting, to bump & jump or waves, the FreeWave is the one board that takes it all in its stride across a bigger range of conditions than ever. Available in three technologies. The FreeWave TXTR comes in our TeXtreme® Carbon construction - the most exclusive, high-performance construction in windsurfing. Less resin, more strength, less weight; it doesn’t get better than this!

Key Features

Bottom shape: Very smooth and comfortable ride in chop thanks to constant V bottom shape with slight double concaves

Parallel outline: Parallel outline design provides low drag and boosts control

Faster rocker: Faster rocker line boosts planing power especially on the larger sizes

Trim: Trim and stance provides snappy turning on the wave

Fin Options: Fin Options Powerbox center fin and Slot Box side fins (with Slot Box covers) allow for use as a tri-fin or single fin

Footstrap Options: Footstrap Options Double back strap option (on the larger models - 95+) for flatwater blasting and true versatility

Premium Footstrap: Comfortable and easy to adjust Fanatic Premium Footstraps

Footpad: Grippy and shock absorbing dual density diamond grooving footpads

Pulled in tail: New pulled in tail shape and outline boosts and control over previous FreeWave STB

Flat deck: Great for classic freestyle moves thanks to the flat deck, neutral bottom shape and compact outline

Wide tail: The wide tail ensures incredible early planing and upwind performance

Construction - TXTR / BXIC / Textreme® / Biax Innegra Carbon Light Finish

1 TeXtreme® Carbon reinforcement patch

2 Full Oxeon TeXtreme® bottom finish

Lightweight. Stiff. Incredible. The TeXtreme®

line is the most exclusive, high-performance construction in windsurfing. The Oxeon-built fabric allows for incredibly light PVC sandwich layups, with the added bonus of fully visible Carbon bottom graphics.

The FreeWave TeXtreme® takes advantage of Innegra’s Resin absorption ability, weight reduction, stiffness, impact protection and UV-resistance, to create the strongest board possible in the lightest and stiffest board construction available today.

Less resin, more strength, less weight; it doesn’t get better than TeXtreme®.