Fanatic Fly Soft Top 2021

From £1,179.00


For a smooth entry into the world of SUP, the Fly Soft Top is the perfect all-round Stand Up Paddleboard. Its classic shape provides effortless glide across flat water, and easy Surfing in small to mid-sized waves. Both the popular 10'6" and our super stable and floaty 11'2", areavailable in our gentle yet robust Soft Top technology. Designed to cater for the widest range of rider ability, these boards offer pure fun no matter if it is your first time on a board, or you are an experienced paddler. Both sizes also come with a mastfoot insert, to attach a Windsurfing sail.

Flat deck

Flat deck with volume pulled out to the rails for stability

Low nose entry

Low nose entry for effortless wave catching and glide

Mastfoot insert

Mastfoot insert for windsurfing option

Soft Top technology

Gentle on deck, extra strong around rails, tail and nose

Deck net

Deck net to secure luggage