Fanatic Falcon Slalom TE Foil Edition 2019

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Fanatic Falcon Slalom TE Foil Edition - 2019

New for 2019, the Falcon Foil is a no-compromise dedicated foil board. Designed to get you foiling in the lightest of breezes and with the highest levels of performance!As the name suggests, the Falcon Foil is all about foiling. There is no option to windsurf this board, which has allowed our design team to set loose and shape the dream foil board!That means boosted width for comfort and performance, with parallel rails and reduced length to make the board compact and controllable. For a cushioned return to the surface, we have ramped up the vee and softened the rails in the nose. These features also benefit when touching down during tacks and gybes.Opting for our top-end full Biax Carbon Sandwich Light Finish technology, ensures the Falcon Foil is as light as possible, encouraging lift onto the foil and increasing control underfoot.Optimized for foiling in up to 20 knots of wind and with sails of 7.0m and larger, nothing will get you foiling earlier, faster or in more control than the Falcon Foil!