Ensis Pacer Wing Foil

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The Ensis Pacer has been made to suit all riders and disciplines of wing foiling. A 71cm fuselage allows for comfort on the foil but tight, slash turns can still be achieved when you push the foil to its maximum potential. The different wing size options means the foil can be use in all conditions and by riders of all sizes and abilities. 

The high aspect ENSIS PACER is for any wing foiler with high demands, from discoverers to experts. Whether you are freeriding, practicing your freestyle tricks, enjoying small waves or racing with your best buddies – the perfectly balanced ratio of span and area brings you decisive advantages and puts a big smile on your face. The optimal profile and perfectly matched outline of the front wing offer an early and easy lift. The 71cm fuselage guarantees tight turns, easy pumping and yet high stability ensuring the control you need. The high speed supports you in your manoeuvres and provides the essential pop for freestyling actions. In small waves you’ll love the easy pumping, tight turns and unlimited gliding. High quality, made in Europe.

Foil Sizing

Pacer 1700 

For light riders and experts

Wing sizes: 2.5 – 6.0 m2

Rider weight:  45 – 65 kg (allround)

Rider weight:  65 – 90 kg (race)

Wind range: 12 – 45 knts 

Pacer 2000 

Looking for THE wing foil – here it is

Wing sizes: 2.5 – 6.0 m2

Rider weight: 50 – 100 kg

Wind range: 6 – 35 knts 

Pacer 2400 

For light wind and heavier riders

Wing sizes: 2.5 – 7.0 m2

Rider weight: 75 – 120 kg

Wind range: 4 – 20 knts

Key Features 

Early takeoff and easy lift - The optimal profile and the perfectly matched outline of the front wing create an early takeoff and easy lift.

Stability and Control - The optimal length of the fuselage offers stability and control. The front and back wing are ideally balanced. Thanks to the winglets, you fly as if you were on rails.

Tight turns and easy pumping - The 71 cm aluminium fuselage provides high agility and easy pumping. The stiff carbon mast ensures a direct power transmission to further enhance the manoeuvrability.

Freeride, freestyle and wave performance - The high speed supports freeriders in all their actions and it generates the essential pop for freestyling tricks. In small waves you’ll love the easy pumping, tight turns and unlimited gliding.

Wide wind range - The easy lift, high speed, great stability and control ensures high performance in all wind conditions. 

Tech Features 

Light and stiff - The 82 cm carbon mast has the perfect length for pumping and gliding through waves. 

Mount plate for foil position options - Mount the foil in any double US box and position it according to your weight, riding style and wind conditions.

Mounting memory system - Optimal foil position found? The brass nuts can be fixed in the US box, using the small grub screws.

Simple and firm fastening - The M8 stainless steel screws and the supplied allenkey allow easy and strong fixation to the board.