Duotone Gonzales Kiteboard 2020

From £419.00


Get your kiting off to the best start possible with a freeride twin tip that will help you progress your riding faster than any other board out there!

Everyone has to start somewhere, give your kiteboarding career the boost it deserves with one of the easiest to ride and most forgiving boards on the market.

Specially designed to accommodate a wide range of kiters, with a size for everyone, the Gonzales is the perfect way to ensure early progression in the sport. The round outline offers total control in all water states while the medium to soft flex gives a smooth ride in the harshest of chop. The board inspires confidence in everyone who rides it; however, it isn’t just a board for entry-level riders. As you improve, you will find the Gonzales is there ready to take you to the next level, making those first jumps easy and giving you enough pop to start to get the buzz. The Mono Concave base flies upwind, and the Absorption Flex Tips help you maintain control and make landings easy. The Gonzales is kiteboarding made easy, take the path of least resistance, you deserve it!


Rounded Outline
The Round Outline Makes That You Will Have Unrivalled Control.

Comfortable Ride In All Conditions
No Matter What Conditions, The Design Is Perfect For Anything.

Five Sizes Cover All Types Of Rider
Since The Board Is Offered In 5 Different Sizes, For Each Rider There Is The Perfect Board.

Mono Concave Bottom With Standard Base
The Mono Concave Bottom With Standard Base Makes A Board Fast And Ensures The Best Upwind Abilities. It Has The Best Dampening And Comfort, Has A Good Pop And Sharp Edge Grip.

0-90 Biax Glass And 45° Biax Glass
0-90 Biax Glass And 45° Biax Glass To Find The Best Compromise Of A Smooth Comfortable Ride, Weight And Durability.

Soft To Medium Flex
The Soft To Medium Flex Combines The Best Of Both Worlds, Enough Performance With Ultimate Comfort.