Duotone F_Pace 2021

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The Duotone F_Pace is a super versatile foil that in the smaller sizes has been designed to be used for more 'Foil Freestyle' on smaller foil boards or more freestyle orientated boards such as the Foil Styler. The larger sizes are suitable for them super light wind days when you're cruising around. 

Foilsailing is more popular than ever and is developing rapidly. Meanwhile, in addition to classic foilriding, foilstyling as a playful variation with a clear leaning towards freestyle is causing a lot of excitement and unlimited possibilities.

Both “playgrounds” have specific requirements that regular fin sails cannot meet. This is exactly why the completely redesigned F_PACE range consists of two differently designed models, which up to size 5.8 are clearly described as F_PACE STYLE while 6.4 and 7.4 come as F_PACE RIDE. But both designs have one thing in common: they are spiked with innumerable, foil-specific design features that have a decisive influence on performance and result in extraordinary characteristics in their respective spectrum.

Only 4 (STYLE) or 4 3/4 (RIDE) battens, a super short boom, a reduced luff curve and the wide Dacron luff panel combine to produce a favourably soft and very light foil sail. The high aspect outline with reduced top surface corresponds perfectly with the low water resistance of the hydrofoil and the hardly existing lateral forces. With less movement in the top, the rig remains stable over the board, for maximum control yet very reactive. The foot perfectly closes with the deck and allows for extreme angles against the wind, especially on the F_PACE RIDE with the extended foot batten – yet thanks to the extremely concave outline without any negative influence to the handling! The new, externally added SLEEVE INDUCERS combine the best of both worlds: super fast rigging and the rotation of a no-cam sail combined with the optimized aerodynamics of a cam sail. Together with the tight leech, they allow the F_PACE to start flying even with the slightest breeze. Should it really be necessary to pump, the low sail foil tension immediately builds up propulsion and effective acceleration.

Especially on the F_PACE STYLE the extremely short boom, 4 super easy rotating battens and the low weight result in a playful handling that difficult manoeuvres and moves require: a lot of propulsion, minimized swing weight and - if necessary - spontaneous on-off. This makes them also the ideal companion for windier days.

Key Features 

Ideal For Foil Riding/Styling - Straighter luff curve, short boom, a 4 or 4 3/4 batten-layout and a wide dacron luff-panel all result in a soft and super light sail ideal for foil-riding/styling

Reduced Top Roach - Reduced head area increases stability and control as it reduces the movement of the upper sail to correspond to the lower drag of the foil

Reduced Loose Leech - Reduced loose leech to correspond to the lower drag of the foil

Short Boom - Extended Foot-Batten - The super short boom greatly improves the handling while the extended foot batten avoids the sail becoming twitchy/unstable when flying

Exponential Foot Concave - The extended foot batten avoids the sail becoming twitchy/unstable when flying while the exponential foot concave avoids a negative influence on the handling

XPLY corners - Crashes while foiling can be tough - therefore we use xply for all exposed parts of the sail (foot, clew, top)

Sleeve Inducer

Best of both worlds:

- Same rigging speed and rotation like a no-cam sail

- Same optimized air-flow like a camber inducer