Choose from our range of water specific footwear for your next adventure.  Neoprene adds warmth and is the perfect choice for colder months, especially when combined with a thermal lining as found in the ever popular Palm Descender.  Our staff are extremely fond of the Astral range given their extreme light weight yet durable construction, with laser cut soles for the ultimate grip on wet rock.  As well as on the water, you will see us wearing these in store and when mountain biking.  The absolute best choice if you loves the outdoors.  Check our the mens Brewer and ladies Brewess.  With any shoe please consider how much room you have in your boat, as chunky soles can seriously affect fit.  For those paddling small freestyle kayaks a neoprene sock could well be the correct option.  Not sure what to go for?  Always get in touch for advice.

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  1. Palm Kick Socks
    Palm Kick Socks
    From £24.95
  2. Palm Paw Shoes
    Palm Paw Shoes
    From £39.95
  3. Palm Rock Shoes
    Palm Rock Shoes
    From £28.95
  4. Palm Descender Shoes
    Palm Descender Shoes
    From £49.00 22% SAVING! Standard Price £62.95
  5. Palm Nova Boots
    Palm Nova Boots
    From £109.95
  6. Astral Aquanaut Shoes
    Astral Aquanaut Shoes
    From £49.00 41% SAVING! Standard Price £82.98
  7. Astral Brewer 2.0 Shoes
    Astral Brewer 2.0 Shoes
    From £77.00 11% SAVING! Standard Price £87.00
  8. Astral Brewess 2.0 Shoes
    Astral Brewess 2.0 Shoes
    From £87.00
  9. Astral Hiyak Boots
    Astral Hiyak Boots
    From £117.00
  10. NRS Freestyle Shoe
    NRS Freestyle Shoe
    From £57.95
  11. NRS Paddle Shoe
    NRS Paddle Shoe
    From £57.95
  12. NRS Mens Vibe Shoe
    NRS Mens Vibe Shoe
    From £69.95
  13. NRS Womens Vibe Shoe
    NRS Womens Vibe Shoe
    From £69.95
  14. NRS Crush Shoe
    NRS Crush Shoe
    From £49.00 25% SAVING! Standard Price £64.95
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