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Safety is everything when it comes to spending time on the water.  To aid your enjoyment our staff have carefully considered what they believe to be key items and included them here in a value starter bundle.  A throwline, knife and whistle are a must for most paddlers, while other elements can be added depending on your intended use and budget.

Whether purchasing for personal use or as a present this bundle is risk free and allows you to customise the contents.  Read on for a short explanation behind the inclusion of each item:

Palm Lightning Throwline 18m - A compact and easy to deploy line that allows you to retrieve swimmers, as well as being useful for towing and mechanical advantage systems.  We picked this over more bulky lines due to the simplicity and small pack size.

Peak PS River Knife - If you carry a line you should always carry a compact knife in case of snags.  It also negates the risks associated with discarded fishing lines and other hazards.  The serrated blade and blunt tip are the perfect combination.

Palm Fox 40 Whistle - A useful accessory both in emergency use or when communicating in noisy environments, such as when paddling in windy conditions or on moving water.

Palm Classic 5l Dry Bag - This small dry bag is the perfect size for useful accessories that you will want to keep close to hand.

Palm Snake Sling / Palm Screw Gate Karabiner - You could argue this duplicates our included throwline but our staff paddlers believe a short 4-5m sling and karabiner combo is always useful.  This could be excellent for towing, helping a close by swimmer, or when exiting the water at elevated locations. 

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Canoe & Kayak Safety Starter Bundle

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