BSAC Ocean Diver Practical Sessions



The BSAC Ocean Diver is the first step on the BSAC training ladder. Once you have completed your eLearning with your Local Club you can sign up with us to complete your Pool and Openwater sessions, completing your BSAC Ocean Diver Qualification.

(please note fees are for practical training only, Theory is NOT included in the above prices)

ROHO Dive is a BSAC Branch Partner Centre working with local BSAC Clubs and Branches to assist them in their diver training. Our onsite heated pool and monthly trips to Capernwray allows club members to speed up their Ocean Diver training and get out exploring the beautiful British coastline as soon as possible.

            Once you have signed up to your local club and received your training materials from BSAC you can book your pool sessions and weekend away at Capernwray.

            The course fees include all the equipment, pool time and instructor fee’s you will need to complete your practical training. The only equipment you will need to purchase before your in-water training commences is your own Mask and Snorkel. Our pool sessions are generally run-on Saturdays but with the pool being onsite we can schedule courses to fit around your schedule too.

            Once the pool sessions are complete, you’re ready for your weekend away at Capernwray. We will provide the equipment (including Drysuit), instructor and your first air fill. You will just need to account for the following:

  • Membership to Capernwray
    • This is a one-time payment and gets you a lifetime membership to Capernwray
  • Daily Entry fees to Capernwray
  • 3 Air fills at Capernwray
  • Accommodation for the weekend away
    • We generally stay at Truck Haven on the Saturday night and some students will travel down on the Friday to avoid the early start on the Saturday morning

A general Ocean Diver course will run as follows:

  1. Complete all home study and print off your certificate of completion
  2. Saturday # 1 – 10am in the pool.
    1. Sheltered water modules 1, 2 and 3
  3. Saturday # 2 – 11am in the pool.
    1. Sheltered water modules 4 and 5 plus additional practice time where required
  4. Thursday evening – 6pm
    1. Drysuit fitting and orientation – final preparations for the open water dives
    2. Equipment Hire for the Open Water weekend
  5. Weekend away at Capernwray – Click Here for a list of our Capernwray Training weekends
    1. Saturday – Open Water dives 1 and 2
    2. Sunday – Open Water dives 3 and 4

To book yourself in for your practical training session you can call the shop directly on 01924 444888 or you can book through our website and once we have received your order, we will contact you to discuss dates and answer any questions you may have.