Bravo GE 20-2, 12V Rechargeable - 22psi



One of the most capable pumps on the market. Take it anywhere inflate anthing!

A portable, twin piston high pressure 12V electric pump with its own battery, rechargeable from a 12V or 240V source

  • Twin cylinder with automatic shut off at desired pressure
  • Thermal shut off
  • LED battery charge display
  • Airflow 125L/Min
  • Charge the battery & pump at the same time
  • Charge 12V through cigarette lighter or using alligator clips
  • Adaptor for 240V charging
  • Maximum pressure 1,5 bar (22.0 psi)
  • Current consumption 9A max
  • Pump runs from integral or external battery
  • 22 x 32 x 22 cm, 6.65 kg
  • Carry-bag included
  • Suitable for all kind of inflatables