BPM Whitewater Creeker Kayak Air Bag Set (Bow & Stern)

From £89.50


As a brand local to the store, our staff passionately supports BPM whitewater. The great news for our customers is that they produce quality airbags that won't let you down and this kayak creeker set is no exception.  It includes high quality bow and stern bags in a package offering excellent value.

BPM whitewater produces canoe and kayak airbags using top quality materials that are incredibly durable, coupled with totally over the top raft and life vest valves that will never let you down on the river. 

Although starting with OC1 bags they have now diversified into a selection of lightweight, robust airbags for your kayak!

Viewed here are the Creeker set, which includes two stern airbags to suit modern river running boats.  In addition, you receive a single bow bag to place in front of the footrest.


- Light weight 210D Thermoplastic Poly Urethane (TPU) Hight Tenacity Nylon Airbags

- Urethane fill tube with micro valve

- 12mm HF Welded seams

- Repairable/Recyclable.  The bags can be patched and re-sealed, while valves removed and reused in new airbags.

- 12 month warranty on seams and valves