The New 2021 O’Neill Psycho One Wetsuit | First Look

As a starting point for evolution, the Psycho One was fantastic. Key features included:

a) Technobutter 3 neoprene – This neoprene is towards the top of the tree, only one level down in the O’Neill range at the time of writing. This creates an insane level of flexibility. The 5mm version offers amazing warmth but feels more akin to a traditional 4/3, allowing you to ride for longer in greater comfort and with less fatigue from tight neoprene.

b) Huge Panels – Quality neoprene is nothing without the correct panel layout. Economical suits tend to use lots of smaller panels as this reduces waste, while O’Neill adopts a no compromise strategy here with massive sections of neoprene with minimal seams.

c) Fluid Weld Seams – The seams are full sealed on the outside using a liquid tape material. This creates a waterproof barrier to reduce cold water flush and adds durability compared with glued and blindstitched models.

d) Zen Zip Closure – The back zip option uses a zen zip panel, a neoprene baffle behind the zip to send cold water back out of the Psycho One. All back zip suits will leak through the zip but thankfully with this suit you won’t notice.

(Zen Zip closure on back zip models)

e) Front or Back Zip options available.

(An array of colours)

So, with all these positive points what could be improved? The answer……. thermal insulation. Never has the Psycho One series featured any thermal insulation and you would normally have moved to Psycho Tech models to gain this feature. Of course, it is always possible to add thermal with separate underlayers but it is fantastic to see O’Neill taking feedback from staff and customers to include their patented firewall lining in a large proportion of the suit. Stay warmer for longer but without reducing flex or increasing drying time. What’s not to like!

(O'Neill's Firewall Lining)

Does this make the Psycho One the ultimate suit? It will allow you to go deeper in the winter without the need for the cost and weight of additional layering, maintaining the comfort and lack of restriction the suit is so well known for.

(Psycho One Shown Inside & Out - red fabric is all thermal coverage)

We love the Psycho series and know you will too. Add one to your kit bag today.

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